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About Us

Adlusion is a human edited visual search engine enabling you to preview website content before visiting it. We manually process about 50 screenshots per day for games, pictures, videos, websites, webcams and more.

What Is A Visual Search Engine?

A visual search engine enables you to preview what you are about to click on unlike with standard text results where you don't really know what you're about to see. We take great pride in quality and manually snap screenshots of content before it goes live.

What Is Website Alexa Ranking?

Alexa ranking is a statistic that determines the popularity of a website using advanced demographic metrics. The better the alexa rank a site has the more likely it is trusted and used by others. We use alexa rank to help the end user find quality content easily.

What Are Domains, Extensions, Deeplinks and Subdomains?

A link is split into four different sections including a domain, an extension, a deeplink and a subdomain.